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Pulsation Dampeners


Pulsafeeder’s Pulsation Dampeners improve pump system efficiency by removing pulsating flows from piston, plunger, air diaphragm, peristaltic, gear, or diaphragm metering pump insuring a smooth continuous fluid flow and metering accuracy, eliminating pipe vibration and protecting gaskets and seals. A Pulsafeeder Pulsation Dampener placed at the pumps discharge will produce a steady flow up to 99% pulsation free; protecting the entire pumping system from the damaging effects of shock. The result is a longer lasting, safer system.


Product Body Poly, PVC, PCDF, 316 SS
Volume Available 10 cubic inches, 85 cubic inches, 370 cubic inches, 36 cubic inches, 175 cubic inches
Body Pressure Polypropylene – PVC – PVDF: Up to 150 psi / 10 bar, 316 SS: Up to 4000 psi / 276 bar
Body Temperature Polypropylene – PVC – PVDF: -20⁰F to +250⁰F / -29⁰C to +12⁰C, 316 SS: -60⁰F to +400⁰C / -51⁰C to +204⁰C
Bladder Available EPDM, CSPE, TFE, Viton
Bladder Temperature EDPM: -60⁰F to +280⁰F / -51⁰C to +137⁰C, CSPE: -20⁰F to +275⁰F / -29⁰C to +135⁰C, Viton: -10⁰F to +350⁰C / -23⁰C to +176⁰C, PTFE: -40⁰F to +220⁰C / -4⁰C to +104⁰C
Connection Size Available 0.375″ FNPT, 0.50″ FNPT, 0.75″ FNPT, 2″ FNPT
  • Double Wall Containment Tanks
  • Drum Spill Containment Pallets
  • Loading Ramp and Pallet With or Without Cover


  • Quick installation
  • In-line maintenance
  • Bodies in a full range of chemical resistant materials
  • Bladders for even the most corrosive applications